Monday, 23 March 2015

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick - Wear Berries! ♥

Hey dolls,

Essence came across the pond last year and since their arrival in wilkos i have come to love the brand for lipsticks, lip pencils, lip glosses, oh hell everything lip related since thats all ive tried so far! Essence has 2 different types of lipstick - the original and the long lasting i haven't tried the original so i cant compare but if you have please let me know down below ill be intrested in your thoughts. 

the packaging of the long lasting lipsticks is really simple but beautiful none the less, im come to enjoy simple black with a little hint of colour recently and this is no different. 

The finish of this lipstick is slightly more matte than the picture is giving off and it sticks around alot longer than most lipsticks of this price range too. the shade is a berry pink which as we all know i enjoy alot! it does give of a slight gloss but not something id be worried about when my hair is down, its a creamy texture rather than a hard to work with formula and since buying this i now have 5 of them, really worth the £2.40 in my opinion.

in the picture above it is only one swipe and can be built up to the full opaqueness of the bullet if desired, this does stain the lips so fades beautifully through out the day.

any shades you have tried and recommend? 

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