Monday, 30 March 2015

W7 High Definition Foundation - Buff ♥

Hey sweets,

W7 has been featuring on a lot of blogs recently aswell as mine, this was on a market stall with a few other bits that ive already done a review on, this was the first foundation ive tried from the brand and the packaging really impressed me, a class bottle aswell as a pump all for £2?! pretty good right?

The names a big claim to not be able to hold up to, i keep referring to the price because a high definition foundation is normally above the £10 mark so a very big claim. i can say that it blurs everything, and i mean everything! i can have the worlds biggest spot on my chin and it will blur it out and looks fabulous in pictures, (see below) it looks quite dark but its actually a perfect match for my pale self. it claims to last 16hrs i havnt put that claim to the test but i can wear it to 10hrs without a issue and could possible wear it longer.


  1. This sounds absolutely amazing for the price! I definitely need some of that blurry action :)

    Claire | | xx

    1. haha, its lovely! and the price makes it amazing xx


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