Friday, 27 March 2015

Make Up Revolution blusher - love ♥

Hey loves, 

makeup revolution took the beauty world by storm last year when they arrived on the sence and started a battle of the affordable brands with MUA, they done good really since MUA got a bit stuck in the mud and needed that shove to release new items. 

Everyone assumed that MUA & MUR was in some way related or the same company, it turns out they was created in the same hands apart from MUA was a joint brand with someone who brought the MUR creator out, but MUR was invent by him alone (ive spoken to MUR pr people for this information darlin) 

i personally prefer the MUR blusher packaging, it just feels more sturdy rather than flimsy and it clips shut! win win, and im kinda a bit on love with the writing shade (rose gold - HELLLOOOO!) and i prefer the circle rather than rectangle swings and roundabouts but it all matters really doesnt it? 

the shade is MATTE! HALLELUJAH!! i love matte blushes so i can add my own highlight if and when i need it/want it.  the shade is a soft coral perfect for this time of year and looks beautiful on pale skin like mine. It can get quite powdery if you get to much on your brush but its opaque enough to only need a tap into it.

for £1 its fabulous

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