Monday, 27 April 2015

collection pump up the volume mascara ♥

Hello loves, 

Today i am reviewing a mascara. This one i got from ebay around the time i got the collection does it all one, the reason being i liked the shape of the tube.. thats a normal reason to buy a mascara right?

the way the tube looks is eye catching to me, the black and bright yellow is just pretty (oh btw im looking for a bright yellow nail polish! suggestions?) 

i clearly got this is blackest black as i do with all mascaras! the brush on this is curved as you can see and it creates a soft curl as well as volume to the lashes, its a bristle brush which i dont normally like. This mascara is horrible unless you curl your lashes before and after applying, you will also need to watch out for clumps because to much and you end up with spider legs for eyelashes! not appealing is it really?

Friday, 24 April 2015

Planner: week 16

hey loves,

this week turned into a bit of a mess, which happens when rushing to write! the washi is from ebay, the me2u stickers are from the 99pstore, the rest i printed myself, the spotty one is a masking sticker from ebay!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Maybelline Fitme Foundation - 120 classic ivory ♥

hey dolls,

today is a foundation i honestly thought i would hate, from what i had heard before i picked it up was its dewy - too dewy for someone who is a combo/oily, my skin is always changing sometimes its dry, then its oil slick, then is normal and then its just my t-zone but recently my skin has been normal and ive been enjoying the dewy glowy look. 

the bottle is glass as you can see, which i love i love pump foundations because i can always get the perfect amount with just one and half pumps, the glass does make it a little bit more highend looking. i have dropped this a number of times and its not broken or cracked which i always see as a plus!

The colour is classic ivory in the bottle it does look a little dark but when its pumped out you can see its lighter, this is a dewy foundation but i still use a highlighter since recently ive been all over the glowy look, this is a low/medium coverage foundation for me this is fabulous coverage i dont need a high coverage but i do use them when i feel a bit naked, for day to day im sorted with low/medium coverage. This can last for 6hours with a powder and 8 with a primer and powder which is pretty good going for this kind of foundation! 

this is 7.99 from boots and superdrug

Friday, 17 April 2015

Spring Fashion // YOURSCLOTHING ♥

Hey Dolls, 

today im doing a little spring fashion from yoursclothing, basically whats new in to yoursclothing for spring, i love yoursclothing clothes they bring out new clothes as the seasons change. some of these include:

this is a black, white & lime abstract floral print hanky hem vest top (link) this is £23. 

but this is absolutely beautiful, ive become to enjoy fashion and clothes - i need it! id pair this with some simple black leggings and flats or skinny jeans and heels.

Alternate+Imagethis is a black and pink floral print maxi dress with v neckline, (link) this is on the website for £35. 

if i didnt already have a outfit for my niece's christening this is something i would have wore with wedges, specially this time of the year!  


tropical print harem with elasticated waistband (link) these are £18
these are something id pair with sandals and a plain black tank top. There are alot of these going around atm there bright and playful which i personally enjoy.  

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

planner: week 15 ♥

hey loves, 

i know a planner post on a day its meant to be up? shock horror!

today i was thinking about changing my pages for a regular view but i love these to much!... hmm 

qoute stickers are from pintrest, washi was a washi sample, laptop & water stickers, mason jar and pay day stickers are from google.

Monday, 13 April 2015

NYC City Mono Eyeshadow - Basic Instinct ♥

Hey huns, 

So i believes ive reviewed some of these before but this was one of my favourites at one point. This is the old packaging but i did get it for 50p from so i cant complain about it being the old packaging and plus i like this version better than the new packaging.

as you can see its not pigmented enough to go all over the lid but i use it as the highlight of the tear ducked. its a light gold colour with shimmer. it can last a long time if its not touched, on the left is the eyeshadow with a primer and on the right is it without. as you can see theres not much difference but it looks so pretty in the inner corner ive also used it under my bottom lash line as a little suma suma! for 50p i cant moan really

Saturday, 11 April 2015

planner: week 14 ♥

Hey loves, 

i know i know i keep forgetting to post on the set day for this but hey better late than never right?

washi is from wilkos, stickers i printed. the todo flags are from mswendahh, the qoutes are from pintrest, the computer and trolley are what i found from google! 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Sleek IDevine Palette - OhSo Special ♥

hey dolls, 

sleek wasnt always on my radar, mainly because i heard they was over hyped by a few people, so when i was looking into palettes alot of people told me to go with sleek. the packaging is a lot better than MUA mainly because they come in a box, im a sucker for anything that people have put thought into and you can tell they thought about their over all look and how they want to present it to the public.
The sponge applicator i can do without, the colours are stunning and great to pair with each other unlike most palettes where you need to buy another palette to mix in.  

top: Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate
bottom: Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up, Noir

Bow is a skintone colour so its not showing up all that well but the rest are amazing and this is without primer underneath. the names are all something to do with special occasions which is really cute, they can be powdery and i do get fall out but not something id completely write off the brand for palettes again, i actually got this along with another for christmas im slowly collecting the ones i want, my favourite shades are - organza, ribbon, glitz, gateau. there is only 2 shimmery ones the rest are matte which is pretty good going buy the pigment they pull out.

this is 7.99 in superdrug and selected boots stores.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

makeup/beauty haul ♥

hey loves, 

As you all know im going to be on holiday soon so ive done a little shopping for toiletries and what nots.

 my skin has been awfully dry recently so i picked up this superdrug vitamin e hot cloth cleanser recommended by +miss budget beauty

I also got a new bottle of botanics all bright cleansing toner this is my 4th bottle i use it daily to help exfoliate my face since is a chemical exfoliant - also recommended by +miss budget beauty

and again also recommended by +miss budget beauty i got the tropical batiste to put in my case ive tried the blush one and wasnt keen on the scent this is my 3rd can of tropical - its a win!
my sister came a few weeks ago and she was wearing the best smelling purfume ever! (recently all perfumes have been making me feel sick) and when questioned she said it was charlie red.. needed! - my favourite shower gels are original sources EVERYDAY! this one is like sunshine and roses and warm beaches rolled into one and makes me smell like a rhubarb and custard sweetie (remember those?) and lasts all day, love! - i also picked up my favourite heat defence which is the argan oil one!
colgate sensitive is pretty explanatory really normally i use the sensitive pro relief but really they cant be that different really, i also brought a triple pack  of toothbrushes from wisdom and there the medium ones. and again with dry skin i brought a dove body lotion which is meant to last 10days.

 right this seems a bit crazy! but i use them as masks for my lips on the night so for some reason i reasoned with myself to say i needed 6, (ive got 4 in my bag too so make it 10) they was cheap though! my favs are the raspberry and vanilla ones. 

i honestly dont know if im mentioned this recently but i stopped buying makeup for a long time so right now im pretty chuffed with my new stuff. 

i brought a
  •  revlon moisture stain in 001 india intrigue
  • makeup gallery shine on lipgloss in 2 ballet pink &4 power pink 
  • Beautifully scrumptious limited edition red lip tint
  • rimmel scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal - black
  • hello kitty lipstick - betz believe, (only got it for the packaging but its a pretty colour)
  • makeup gallery colour story eyeshadows - 4 pink champagne & 5 dusky pink 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick - Sweet Berry ♥

Hey darls, 

Oh lipsticks how i love thee - today is one from miss sporty called sweet berry, we all know the deal with miss sporty right? rather cheap and pretty good going on the whole, the packaging is pretty standard but has come along quite nicely since they first started out. 

for some reason this swatch turned funny when it was uploaded to my laptop. 
the colour for me is a A/W shade - when my skins pale, my hairs a tad darker and my cheeks are wind bitten just the thought makes me smile! i love my nude lipsticks but ill always be a bold lip at heart this does stains my lips so i can leave it to just go completely of my lips and still have something there until i can touch up. it will last about 5hours with out me touching it up, its a cream finish which is fab for me! love it and will buy more. these are £2.99 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

planner: week 13 ♥

hey huns, 

not much was happening this week, easter break started but i was having to rest from the monday! ive actually got a lung infection so my planner isnt being used as much as id like it to be! the stickers down the side i got in a bumper back from argos, the washi is from wilko and ebay, the love it sticky notes are kikki k, the yellow sticky note is from a pack of ebay, the rest of the stickers are ones ive printed!