Monday, 20 April 2015

Maybelline Fitme Foundation - 120 classic ivory ♥

hey dolls,

today is a foundation i honestly thought i would hate, from what i had heard before i picked it up was its dewy - too dewy for someone who is a combo/oily, my skin is always changing sometimes its dry, then its oil slick, then is normal and then its just my t-zone but recently my skin has been normal and ive been enjoying the dewy glowy look. 

the bottle is glass as you can see, which i love i love pump foundations because i can always get the perfect amount with just one and half pumps, the glass does make it a little bit more highend looking. i have dropped this a number of times and its not broken or cracked which i always see as a plus!

The colour is classic ivory in the bottle it does look a little dark but when its pumped out you can see its lighter, this is a dewy foundation but i still use a highlighter since recently ive been all over the glowy look, this is a low/medium coverage foundation for me this is fabulous coverage i dont need a high coverage but i do use them when i feel a bit naked, for day to day im sorted with low/medium coverage. This can last for 6hours with a powder and 8 with a primer and powder which is pretty good going for this kind of foundation! 

this is 7.99 from boots and superdrug

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