Wednesday, 8 April 2015

makeup/beauty haul ♥

hey loves, 

As you all know im going to be on holiday soon so ive done a little shopping for toiletries and what nots.

 my skin has been awfully dry recently so i picked up this superdrug vitamin e hot cloth cleanser recommended by +miss budget beauty

I also got a new bottle of botanics all bright cleansing toner this is my 4th bottle i use it daily to help exfoliate my face since is a chemical exfoliant - also recommended by +miss budget beauty

and again also recommended by +miss budget beauty i got the tropical batiste to put in my case ive tried the blush one and wasnt keen on the scent this is my 3rd can of tropical - its a win!
my sister came a few weeks ago and she was wearing the best smelling purfume ever! (recently all perfumes have been making me feel sick) and when questioned she said it was charlie red.. needed! - my favourite shower gels are original sources EVERYDAY! this one is like sunshine and roses and warm beaches rolled into one and makes me smell like a rhubarb and custard sweetie (remember those?) and lasts all day, love! - i also picked up my favourite heat defence which is the argan oil one!
colgate sensitive is pretty explanatory really normally i use the sensitive pro relief but really they cant be that different really, i also brought a triple pack  of toothbrushes from wisdom and there the medium ones. and again with dry skin i brought a dove body lotion which is meant to last 10days.

 right this seems a bit crazy! but i use them as masks for my lips on the night so for some reason i reasoned with myself to say i needed 6, (ive got 4 in my bag too so make it 10) they was cheap though! my favs are the raspberry and vanilla ones. 

i honestly dont know if im mentioned this recently but i stopped buying makeup for a long time so right now im pretty chuffed with my new stuff. 

i brought a
  •  revlon moisture stain in 001 india intrigue
  • makeup gallery shine on lipgloss in 2 ballet pink &4 power pink 
  • Beautifully scrumptious limited edition red lip tint
  • rimmel scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal - black
  • hello kitty lipstick - betz believe, (only got it for the packaging but its a pretty colour)
  • makeup gallery colour story eyeshadows - 4 pink champagne & 5 dusky pink 

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