Monday, 27 April 2015

collection pump up the volume mascara ♥

Hello loves, 

Today i am reviewing a mascara. This one i got from ebay around the time i got the collection does it all one, the reason being i liked the shape of the tube.. thats a normal reason to buy a mascara right?

the way the tube looks is eye catching to me, the black and bright yellow is just pretty (oh btw im looking for a bright yellow nail polish! suggestions?) 

i clearly got this is blackest black as i do with all mascaras! the brush on this is curved as you can see and it creates a soft curl as well as volume to the lashes, its a bristle brush which i dont normally like. This mascara is horrible unless you curl your lashes before and after applying, you will also need to watch out for clumps because to much and you end up with spider legs for eyelashes! not appealing is it really?

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