Friday, 3 April 2015

Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick - Sweet Berry ♥

Hey darls, 

Oh lipsticks how i love thee - today is one from miss sporty called sweet berry, we all know the deal with miss sporty right? rather cheap and pretty good going on the whole, the packaging is pretty standard but has come along quite nicely since they first started out. 

for some reason this swatch turned funny when it was uploaded to my laptop. 
the colour for me is a A/W shade - when my skins pale, my hairs a tad darker and my cheeks are wind bitten just the thought makes me smile! i love my nude lipsticks but ill always be a bold lip at heart this does stains my lips so i can leave it to just go completely of my lips and still have something there until i can touch up. it will last about 5hours with out me touching it up, its a cream finish which is fab for me! love it and will buy more. these are £2.99 

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