Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Hey loves, 

As i sit here i know ive got no excuse for not posting.. i adore blogging, i adore makeup, i adore my planning.. but since i finished college, finished working at my job and became capable of posting whenever i want to i just havent, and when i have im forcing myself to post it and i dont want to make it into a chore. 

i dont know if its just me, but when im busy - im busy! i like to fill every inch of my day doing something. but when im not doing nothing thats it im not doing nothing there seems to not be a imbetween.. (when i say nothing im still doing day to day cleaning, and everything like that im not vegged out doing nothing but eating and watching netflix - i promise!) 

when i was working and going to college i had structure to my days, i had schedule i needed to stick to and if i didnt my whole day fell apart. (not so dramatic but you get the jest). 

i am back to work now but i need to find my rhythm or structure so i can start blogging again properly. 

I WILL BE COMING BACK!! - i may also start youtube too!

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Monday, 4 January 2016

New Years Resolutions: 2016 ♥

Hey loves, 

Before we kick of with the actual post id like to wish you all a happy new year.. Where did 2015 go? its like 1 minute it was february and i was enjoying my 21st and then it was the 31st december! 2015 took alot of amazing things that happened in my life as it closed and 2016 holds alot of promises and amazing things are happening (god willing) so i couldn't wait to open the door to 2016.. but with the promise of a new year brings the idea of new year's resolutions and what you would like to do/change, im pretty content with my life right now, theres nothing i want to drastically change but i do have some personal changes/goals i want to work on. 

These are:

  • To believe in myself more - im forever doubting myself and putting myself down and second guessing myself even when its something im confident with or im certain on. my anxiety has alot to do with this but i just want to try and believe in myself because if i dont how are other people meant to?
  • To read 100 books - i was really into reading for a long time and i really miss it! i want to re-read all my books, read the books ive bought and never read (i continue to buy them yet havent read them yet) and read the books i want to read - maybe join a library? 
  • To keep on top of my finances - now im pretty money savvy i know whats coming in, whats going out and whats spare. i know i dont need to touch whats in my savings account but since its not just my money to consider anymore i want to start keeping on track of his accounts and his personal outgoings. i also want to track what im buying and put in end of the week figures when ive calculated my daily spends (you'll see what i mean soon) 

thats it, i know pretty easy and simple but these i can stick to.. 

what are yours this year? x

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