Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Hey loves, 

As i sit here i know ive got no excuse for not posting.. i adore blogging, i adore makeup, i adore my planning.. but since i finished college, finished working at my job and became capable of posting whenever i want to i just havent, and when i have im forcing myself to post it and i dont want to make it into a chore. 

i dont know if its just me, but when im busy - im busy! i like to fill every inch of my day doing something. but when im not doing nothing thats it im not doing nothing there seems to not be a imbetween.. (when i say nothing im still doing day to day cleaning, and everything like that im not vegged out doing nothing but eating and watching netflix - i promise!) 

when i was working and going to college i had structure to my days, i had schedule i needed to stick to and if i didnt my whole day fell apart. (not so dramatic but you get the jest). 

i am back to work now but i need to find my rhythm or structure so i can start blogging again properly. 

I WILL BE COMING BACK!! - i may also start youtube too!

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