Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Life Update ♥

Hey loves, 

well today im back and hopefully to stay, armed with my new planner (yourll see that soon too!) im ready to start the month with a new schedule! 

lets start with the new schedule shell we? - ive gone back to work! its only a part time thing but between that and home life my life was up in the air. i feel a little more settled now im used to the work im doing, that being said on the weekend i cant always find the time to write all my blog posts even the one that goes up on mondays. so i sat down with my planner armed with my pen and sticky notes and set up a new schedule - Tuesdays and Fridays and sundays are my planner love days! so each week either tuesday or friday you will see a beauty and a planner/life post. and sundays my planner at least until im settled and id then be throwing posts in here and there when i want  to.

im going to be trying to plan alot differently to what im used to. but you will see that soon! 

me and some etsy shops have been working together on some spotlights which you will all be seeing soon. 

im only going to be showing you the bare planner before i go in and put in anything senstive/private. i share so much with you all and i enjoy it but theres somethings i dont want to share with the whole of the world and i hope that you can understand so when you see my planner and think wtf its half empty i plan day by day and add appointments/work times in after! :) 

heres to a fabulous blog full february! 
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