Friday, 26 February 2016

Etsy Spotlight: Stickers by grace ♥

Hey Loves,

now this post has been a long time in the making!

full disclaimer i was sent these stickers.. they got lost in the post with me being told that when they fall of the sorting band there thrown in a bin which is later thrown away.. after me talking to about 20 people they arrived on my door step like magic! royal mail are horrid but the stickers are beautiful!

we all know im a matte girl, i love me some matte stickers but ive never really given glossy ago, didnt even want to since the pens i use are more gel like that biro and that squeaky sound they make when ur put them down gives me chills.. with that all being said these are some really nice stickers and the cleaning checklists give me life now that im working again i try and do 3 main things a week and a quick pick up daily. The to do scalloped edged headers are pretty and can be used many different ways in a side bar in the boxes, as headers the lists are endless, there a pretty classic addition to any store.. the weather stickers which i cant seem to find on her store are small and will fit in any planner which i know is a big plus for anyone who has a personal sized planner (a6) 

spring time kit - this is stunning, i love the decor sheet, now there is 3 more sheets to this kit i believe and can be bought singly or as a whole kit for £10.49. i will be doing a post on my planner when i use this kit since im not using a erin condren atm so it might be interesting to see how my planner compares to how people plan in a erin condren using this kit, in hindsight i think id go for matte kits when i purchase since glossy really isnt my thing - i know alot of people love it but its just not for me and when i do place a order i will show you and compare the difference between the glossy and the matte!

Disclaimer: as i said at the top of this post, i was gifted these stickers for this post. that doesnt change how i see them or how i feel about them.

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