Sunday, 7 February 2016

Planner Love: 1st - 7th ♥

Hey loves, 

This is the first time your seeing my personal planner i believe. i am planning on doing a full post on it when ive used it a little more. 

i decided to do these posts after the week has happened so that i can white this post at anytime during the week instead of trying to rush and get it up. 

this week ive done a sweet as candy theme for valentine's month! the complicated thing is its my birthday/pancake day/ valentine's day all in one week and ive got kits for all 3 what to do.. urll see next sunday!

washi tape is from aliexpress! 

stickers are from: 
date cover ups - michelle and patch 
to do list - pink candy designs
bow divider - pink candy designs 
recycle symbol - the plump planner
blogger symbol - the plump planner 
shopping basket - pink candy designs
cup - pemberly prints
little book - mundane mummy
camera - dream big and plan
tv - pemberly prints
laptop - the plump planner
tv - plannable designs
little pants washing line - pemberly prints
washing basket - dream big and plan
movie markey - plannable designs 
shopping trolley - the plump planner
nail polish - its only me caralee
planner - pemberly prints
birthday countdown - its only me caralee

anything not mentioned was a printable that was either free or that i made. 

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