Monday, 13 April 2015

NYC City Mono Eyeshadow - Basic Instinct ♥

Hey huns, 

So i believes ive reviewed some of these before but this was one of my favourites at one point. This is the old packaging but i did get it for 50p from so i cant complain about it being the old packaging and plus i like this version better than the new packaging.

as you can see its not pigmented enough to go all over the lid but i use it as the highlight of the tear ducked. its a light gold colour with shimmer. it can last a long time if its not touched, on the left is the eyeshadow with a primer and on the right is it without. as you can see theres not much difference but it looks so pretty in the inner corner ive also used it under my bottom lash line as a little suma suma! for 50p i cant moan really

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