Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick - primrose ♥

Hey loves,

Today im going to be reviewing this very pretty lipstick from revlon - while im in my sick bed - the packaging is beautiful, and honestly it would have fitted right in on my nannas dressing table it just gives of that vintage look, revlon keeping it old school! Revlon has been under alot of heat lately due to a racist comment made by the CEO and as much as i dont agree with what he said there are other people behind the brand that make this product worth having no make up company is a one man show so im continuing to buy revlon for the thousands of other people behind the name, and if it was just him i might change my mind but at the moment im still in love with them. 

The finish and texture of this lipstick is creme which for me is perfect, i love my mattes and cream lipsticks as you all shell know by now no glitter just a pretty sheen. the colour is coming of alot more pink than it is, it is actually a more nudey pink which goes perfectly with my pale self, this lipstick can last along time on me which is fabulous ive been known to wear it to work and leave it for hours before touching up. 

what revlon lipsticks do you enjoy?

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