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Etsy spotlight: Pookie Paper Co ♥

Hello my loves, 

i know i know, i said i was back to blogging and yet i disappeared again not a week later, theres not alot i can say in my defence but i got really sick and by monday rolled around i was so ill i could hardly talk and then by wednesday my voice was gone.  day and night nurse was my savior! they both knocked me out even though the day nurse said none drowsy? anyway.. back to business! 

Today is the start of a new series that ive had in the making for a few months, well i had it in my mind anyway. Ive saw a ton of girls do this on youtube but the difference is this one is ONLY uk! there will be no international shops! which im sure you all are seeing as mean but think about it, all these lovely ladies in the uk are going out of there way to do this any we would rather spend a small fortune on postage getting them from the USA because we dont hear alot about them? well no more! 

Let me introduce you to pookie paper co a lovely little shop run by a lovely lady called Harriette (hope i spelt that right) and it was opened at the end of august this year!.. lets move on to the stickers since that is why we are all here, am i right?

The first set of stickers i have to show you are the gold, silver and bronze confetti collection *here* the kit comes with everything you will need for a weekly spread and then some. As a collection it is £10 but can be brought separately which is around £2 per sheet so does work out cheaper to buy as a kit. the colours are alot more vibrant than what they are coming up on my screen.. just mine? when i saw this kit i KNEW id be using it for new years! *headers can be personalised to state which you need*

The second set is the merry brights collection*here* CHRISTMAS is just around the corner (40 more sleeps!) and with that in mind i chose the merry brights for a fun factor this christmas.. this collection consists of less than the confetti collection above but it is slightly cheaper at £8 and £2 per sheet if you but singly still making it cheaper to buy the whole collection as a set. the colours look more vibrant on this picture which is truly showing it to all of the potential!  *headers can be personalised to state which you need*

The last thing i got was these coffee cups because well.. coffee cups are needed when your a tired hot mess specially on a monday morning.. am i right girls?! and i got these little glasses for my reading, they was £1,50 each and i love them! the lighting looks abit iffy on the coffee cups? coffee cups and glasses are linked here. 

Lets get on to the nitty gritty now that we have saw all the pretties.. 

price: the price in my opinion is really reasonable. you have to take into account the cost for the sticker paper, the ink and the persons time so considering the standard 1 sheets are between £1-2 is beyond reasonable and i personally cant wait to see what else is released overtime. 

paper: the sticker paper used is labels for you which i buy to print my own stickers. it can be a little difficult to get of the page but thats the sticker paper not the design or the cut. 

finish: the finish of the stickers is matte! which i enjoy. i dont do well with glossy stickers when i want to write on them. i like to use one pen which i can keep with my planner and glossy stickers require alot more planning than matte does when it comes to pen. 

postage cost: for all of this it cost £3.30 which compared to libbie&co which is £6 per sheet to the uk ill be more than happy to pay £3.30 

postage time: i ordered on the 1st nov and it was posted out on the 2nd and got to me on the 5th i believe. so not bad at all! actually for royal mail its pretty fast.

Over all i really like the stickers and im sure id be placing more orders in the future. 

if your thinking about buying use "welcome15" for 15% off your order!  
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DISCLAIMER: i was given a £20 off towards this order for blog purposes. this does not effect my over all opinion on the items and i wouldnt personally use something or recommend something that i dont think is worth you spending your hard earned money on. 

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  1. I also thinking of doing etsy hauls on my blog after xmas with just uk sellers i think they are just as nice as anywhere else and your right why sent all that shipping when you could spend it on extra stickers and have it sent for less than £2


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