Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Etsy Spotlight: Its Only Me Caralee ♥

Hey loves, 

Today im back with another etsy spotlight! its become an addiction lately and i will willingly sit there and look at all the pretties that people make! 

Today involves a cute little shop called "its only me caralee."

They are amazing quality since they all cost between £1 and £3, she does a majority of sets rather than individual stickers but she is expanding on that.  the minnie set is the cutest thing ive seen i love minnie and mickey mouse so ofcourse i needed to get it! the cameras help me mark when i need to take a picture on sundays of my final week. 

price: for the quality you cant beat the price at all. the amount you get for that price too is simply amazing. 

paper: the paper feels of high standard, easy to peel from the backing and the cut is amazing.. 

finish: the finish of the stickers are matte. which i like but i think the cameras would look lovely on a satin finish paper. 

postage cost: the postage cost the big massive amount of 99p! i know what your thinking.. could she get anymore sarcastic but honestly theres no many places that ship for standard 99p! 

postage time: postage did take 5 days after it was sent out. but thats royal mail for you i cant blame the shop for that. It took 2/3days after i brought the items to be shipped out! which since i brought them on the weekend i can forgive and forget - the shop is a ready to ship shop i believe (i could be so wrong about that) 

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