Monday, 23 November 2015

Tracey's TV #1 ♥

Hey loves, 

Ive never done a post like this before but lets face it, everyone watches netflix in the evenings (well at least i do!) theres nothing better than snuggling down with a hot chocolate in a candle lite room watching tv with cosy pyjamas on and the heating on full.. am i right?

lately ive been switching between netflix and nowtv - my momma'bear got me a nowtv box last christmas and ive been using my blu ray 3D DVD player to watch netflix. Nowtv and Netflix are more or less the same thing apart from the fact nowtv has packages - movie package £9.99, entertainment package £6.99 and sports package £31.99 the prices is per month, netflix on the other hand is is the whole thing from £5.99 onwards depending on how many tvs you want to stream it on. Netflix you hear alot about but nowtv is not so well known (well atleast from what i hear anyway) i only buy the entertainment package from nowtv because there's things on it that is not on netflix. 

my Netflix list is:


pretty little liars // once upon a time // gossip girl
my Nowtv list is:

These are the 6 programs that i am currently flicking back and forth from - not including "new eps" from the shows which come on the day there released which i show in my planner!

what are you currently watching?
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