Friday, 1 August 2014

Shop missA wishlist ♥

miss A is a online accessory shop which sells everything from makeup to jewellery to sunglasses. ive come across it a few times but theres always that one thing stopping me from making a order - its in the USA - i think the usa have the best costume jewelry going so today im going to show you a few items id pick up myself - ohh and did i mention that everything is $1??

same earring different colours. arent these stunning?

your going to see a theme. i love hooped earrings. these are stunning

  Magic Stars 2 Pair Earrings Delicate Love Ear Cuff  "Live Love Dream" Linear Earrings Heart Bracelet  Sideways Crystal Cross Bracelet Turquoise LOVE Bracelet Love Pendant Hand Chain Bracelet Large Pearl Cross Bracelet

as you can see im a bracelet and earring kinda girl. i could keep going and going but im going to stop now - is amazing! 

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