Friday, 22 August 2014

natural collection moisture shine lipstick - raspberry ♥

this is one of the lipsticks that i popped into boots to pick up when they had a 3 for 2 on and i wanted to get the blushes! im really into my deeper/brighter bold pinks and would rather experiment with lipsticks than eyeshadows that being said im getting into my shadows right now but thats a whole different subject for a whole different post! 

bottom line this shade is right up my ally and one you would see me where alot around christmas time! there is no smell to these well - not that i can tell anyway, the packaging isnt all that but for me i can scrip on the packaging if the product is lovely! and it is. people say that they've experienced the bullets snapping on them, i haven't at all but maybe they have just melted a little but in store and need to be called off in the fridge? i have no idea! mine seem fine. the shade will last around 3hrs on me which isnt bad going for a £1.99 liptick really. they are mosturising and shine-y as the name would suggest and they dont have tones of glitter in! 

swatch!! ohh look how pale in am!.. thank you for reading 

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