Monday, 31 August 2015

fashionista custom blush collection ♥

Hey loves,

Today im going to be showing you some of my newest editions to my makeup bag/drawers. the thing with me is i have a ton of blush and lipsticks they are the only thing id switch up a silly amount of times a week! honestly im known for switching blush and lipstick daily.. 

these i got for 50p from fragrancedirect (haul post here) i was planning on getting them from mua when they had them as a extra on there website but time got away from me and before i had the chance they was gone. 

the packaging is amazing so slim and compact, no extra packaging just the simple sqaure. i love the fact i can get the cases and add them to that if i wish which in the long run ill properly end up doing but for now there all looking at home in there own section in the blush drawer. i didnt just get these 3 shades. i got them all! 

for anyone that doesnt know the pan pops out and can be slotted into a case that is made for them from fashionista available on ebay.

L/R - new york, london & milan.

while i have a ton of blush i always go for more blushes like this. there baked so have a beautiful sheen which i have tried hard to capture on picture. i dont like a ton of colour on my cheeks since im known to be heavy handed with these sorts of things. specially if im getting ready at half 5 in the morning which i do often.. not in the last few months but its been known to occur more than once.
My personal favouite is new york - not just because of the name - since it gives a lovely rosey peach glow without looking over done! perfect for them days where im being pushed out the door before i've got my knickers on.

P.S. you will notice below that my blog has changed slightly.. ive decided to go for something a bit more knowing to me. i sign near all my texts with Kisses, Tracey x so why not bring this to something i love? the pictures will also alter too with @kissestraceyx but for now since i already had the photos edited they are going to stay the same. i hope you dont mind! i love you all spread the love with #kissestracey :)  

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