Friday, 17 July 2015

revlon colorstay moisture stain - india ♥

Hey loves, 

Today im reviewing a revlon moisture stain which is another thing that had mixed reviews and i have to say i have a love and hate relationship with this product mainly the later if im being a 100% honest which ofcourse i always am with my reviews.

I like the packaging the shapes lovely, i like how it shows the product, i like the twist on it you know how some items have that twist which you can never ever get to match up again? well i find this matches every single time! the applicator is nice but nothing to scream about. 

The product is one that needs to be warmed up before to get the perfect application or it gets bitty, its a odd texture and that is what i don't enjoy it smudges like a bitch but with it being a "moisture" stain that's expected since it doesn't set, i wouldn't say its a stain at all once its gone its gone theres no stain on my lips or nothing, to me it's a glorified liquid lipstick and theres so many out there bringing liquid lipsticks out that Revlon thought oh put stain on it, but it does stain my skin just not my lips so if it bleeds I'm in big trouble.. NOT CUTE!

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