Monday, 6 July 2015

fav summer drinks ♥

Hey loves, 

with the sun being out in full power in the last 2weeks im going to show you what ive been drinking or what i would drink normally..

caramel frappuccino, iced coffee is my best friend right now, i love the one from maccies which
i get when im just walking past but starbucks is cult! 

volvic flavoured water.. im not going to lie, strawberry, summer fruit, orange and peach and blackcurrent are my favs but i can put away 2 big bottles a day if there ice cold, i have a massive water issue which im trying to get under control but its just not happening.. 
strawberry milkshake.. doesnt have to be yazoo there was a stall on holiday that made the milkshake from scratch and it was to die for!

im not drinking atm, but my fav alcoholic drink is a sex on the beach cocktail, theres also the tequila sunrise but it looks the same so no point me putting up a pic of that too.. 

so here are my favs, im giving up fizzy drinks atm so its all still drinks for me!

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