Friday, 18 December 2015

Etsy spotlight - candy pink designs ♥

Hey loves,

today im back with another etsy spotlight and this week is a shop called candy pink designs and its run by a lovely lady called Amy.

now lets just put this out there.. amy did send me these for this purpose but i adore them and have filled my etsy cart full of stickers from her shop - there amazing quality for £1.50 per sheet!

i was sent - the movie set, the cocktail glasses and the post boxes!

the doctor who sheet, my little mermaid sheet and the mad hatter sheet..

i was also sent some page flags, some tear drops and some check boxes. 

the shop itself host a wide-range of stickers and i believe theres 15 sheets in my cart atm. you have seen some of these in my spreads over the weeks since this post has been a long post in the making. 

price: the price is amazing! £1.50 per sheet? yes please over and over again! id continue to purchase again and again even if its just re-buying the sheets ive already got - they will continue to be used no matter what! i pray she get continues to update her shop with new goods!

paper: the paper feels of high standard, really easy to peal from the backing and the kiss cut is the best ive seen so far! 

finish: the finish is matte which i prefer. i dont like glossy i just cant get along with them unless im not writing on them.

postage cost: the postage cost is a £1 per order! no adding up more just a standard £1

postage time: postage was very quick. i was told she posted one day and was here the next! im very pleased with this since im very impatient when it comes to waiting for items.

The lovely amy provided a discount code which is blog15   
the shop is currently closed for the christmas period but it re-opens on the 28th december!

like i said, i have been sent these but you will be seeing the shop featured in more hauls and layouts. Please know that these being sent to me doesn't change my opinion on them. 
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