Thursday, 17 December 2015

clothing wishlist ♥

hey loves, 

today im doing a clothing wish list, there is going to be another post stating that ill be going back to work in the new year.. and its not a hairdressing job! so all my clothes need to be "office" proved! i wear quite basic clothes anyway since my hair is red and im boring with my clothes too.. 

ladies gathered cowl neck tops - the reason why your not seeing the full top in all the pics is because it wouldnt let me shrink the top in size to show it! so i done it slowly going up.. ive already got a few of these tops and i love them!

ladies baggy tee-shirt  - basic tops that i really like.. 

the reason why i dont have a ton of bottoms is because i have a ton of trousers from being a hairdresser and i just need basic comfy tops so these are what id be buying for work :)
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