Friday, 27 February 2015

natural collection blushed cheeks blusher - dusky pink ♥

Hey loves,

today im going to be review one of my true loves, BLUSHER! its been no secret that my loves are lipsticks and blush but shocker eyeshadow is coming close to! 

but back to the item at hand, this blusher is super pretty, the packaging is basic as ive said in a previous post but i do like it, i like that the lid is clear but they are easy to break so i do need to be careful.

the pigment isnt to bright so i can be heavy handed and not have a issue, its not to powdery either and blends nicely. for £1.99 i do have the set, i do reach for this often since its the perfect everyday colour, and doesnt have much shimmer! 

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