Wednesday, 17 December 2014

miss sporty studio colour mono eye shadow - 106 wild ♥

and we're back! - hiii :)

time for a eyeshadow review i guess, this one is from miss sporty (clearly - wakeup tracey!) the packaging is pretty and i rather like it, doesnt seem like its easy to break and i can easily see the shade. the shades a lovely deep purple its got a slight sheen to it rather than a shimmer super pretty. with a primer its a dream to wear, super pigmented and easy to blend but without a primer its not worth the effort let alone the money. without a primer its got barely no pigment to it and for something that is around £2 i guess you would expect that but not when you have eyeshadows for a pound and they blow this out the water. all i can say is ill only use this with a primer, it is a pretty deep plummy purple though and very now im my opinion. i have nothing bad to say apart from the pigment, theres not much fall out either.

top with primer. bottom without.

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