Friday, 12 December 2014

sleek blush - suede ♥

Hello my sweets,

sleek is a brand i havent tried much from. a few palettes and a blush which is what we're here to look at today. First of is the packaging i love it, its simple and pretty, it hasnt got no extra packaging for a unnecessary blush brush that everyone throws away and theres a decent mirror. 

the shade looks more like a bronzer in the top picture, but its actually a peachy brown lovely for a smokey eye. totally matte and pretty, i use this without bronzer because of the shade. 

these are about 4.49 from boots and superdrug 


  1. Good to see some cheap blushes that are not too glittery! X

    1. Oh i know! i love blush but so many pack so much shimmer/glitter in i look like a disco ball x

  2. I love this blusher :) I find it perfect for if you're going with bold eyes or lips and just want a subtle flush xx

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