Friday, 11 July 2014

maybelline color vivid lipstick in shocking coral ♥

Helloo my beautifuls,

You may have noticed that i have changed my blogging days.. it is now.  monday, wednesday and fridays! at first i wasn't going to change them, purely because i had friday's reserved for "PR FRIDAYS" but i can do that in a thursday or sunday maybe?  the reason for doing this is i thought that all my blogposts grouped together at the beginning of the week and it didn't look like i blogged as much as i do, so im all for a change :) and if i dont like it i can always decided to go back to the old schedule cant i? 


today im back with a lipstick review.. lets face it theres not going to be a time where i dont have one.. i love them and trust me, everyone knows i do! 

this one is from maybelline and at the moment im really into their brand! it being "summer" here in the UK ive been into mixing the coral shades of lipstick i have into my pinks just to add that little bit of sumasuma, so when i spotted this i HAD to have it! since it saves me the time and effort of mixing 2 lipsticks together.. (effort? please i live for this kinda stuff!) i have to admit when i save the word coral i was a bit ughhh, i dont need no more corals in my collection since i dont use them as much as i do pink.. then i swatched it! oh lord i fell deeply inlove.. 

this lipstick is so unique, i find that in different lights it will look so different, in one light it can look pink (a bold pink at that) and others it can look coral (a seemingly wearable coral for me) and then it can look like im wearing 2 maybe even 3 lipsticks combined! its a satin finish, not glittery! (hurray?) and smells amazing, for some reason it reminds me of my nan. 

heres a swatch that is the combined version for me..

i got mine from here for £7.19


  1. I have this lipstick, and it is gorgeous. So perfect for summer.

  2. Love how bright this is - would love to be able to pull a bright lipstick off, but I can't. Think I'm always going to be a nude/pink lip kinda girl xx

    Who is She

  3. this is such a lovely shade


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