Friday, 18 July 2014

maybelline color tattoo - bold gold ♥

now i love the color tattoo range from maybelline i think their the perfect thing what we needed for us eyeshadow lovers ( did i say us?) i picked up 3 from ebay sometime last year, and didnt realise that they was the american version (no biggy) just dropping that out there if your looking for this shade it may have a different name! 

i loved this when i first got it, but then i noticed the glitter (see swatch) which is my massive bugbare.. the thing with glitter is it gets everywhere! no matter if its set it always seems to find a way. the formula of these are like a dry cream which of course dries quickly but it looks perfect everytime. this is the one i least reach for because of the glitter.. 

but i will be review the over 2 soon! 


  1. Wow that does look very glittery! I bet that would be gorgeous though applied as an eyeliner! :)

  2. I love the color tattoos! I have two at the moment but would love to get more. Love the glitter in this one. It looks so pigmented! x

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