Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Beauty Rush Lip Gloss - Slice Of Heaven ♥

helloo my lurveeeely lot.. how are we all?

today im going to ramble about this little bit of magic in the form of a lipgloss. now do you remember me saying i dont have many lipglosses because i dont really like them? well turns out after i sorted all my makeup i have a ton.. who knew? so ive took to the erm lips?! to test a few out. 

the first one is beauty rush by victoria's secret.. ive actually reviewed another one of these (here) but at the time this was my favourite out the two.  looking back now i realise how silly i was. this is a baby pink shade which is beautiful but it goes clear on the lips, and it has a iridescent shimmer running through it making it hard to team with lipsticks dont get me wrong its beautiful and makes my lips have some dimension but i always team gloss with a lipstick. These smell like vanilla - nice but sickly after a while and the smell doesnt go away until you take them off, they are also very sticky!! if you apply to much you get them strings when you open your mouth!! not a good look really is it? 

 sadly i cant say i will buy anymore since i dont get alot of use out of the ones i've got already and for $7 i really dont rate them.

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