Wednesday, 9 July 2014

calvin klien tempting glimmer eyeshadow in sheer nectar ♥

today im back with a poundland purchase, from what i understand now ck makeup is hard to come by? or am i making that up and its everywhere? anyway at the time these were all over the internet making their appearance from poundland and i also believe that these turned up on the scene with brothers and sisters in the forms of lipsticks and blushers? but when i made it to my local poundland they only had the eyeshadows! 

i picked this one up thinking i may not like it so theres no point in me buying like 10 and then just sitting in my drawer till i give them to a friend well im here to say that they arnt going anywhere! ive actually picked up some more recently from poundland so thats how much i like these. They are great as a base for a powdered shadow on top but also pigmented enough to be able to just put this on and go. their creamy but not to creamy that they crease like crazy.. i find that these have a good 7hours wear before it starts to go which is pretty good going for something that doesnt say that its long lasting! they are easy to blend out too. The colour here is a purple-y bronze (the swatch below doesnt do it justice at all!) its shimmery but not glitterly which is a massive bonus point! 

if you could get them in your local poundland you can order them here for £2.25

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  1. Can't believe these are in Poundland?! I'm definitely going to check these out. I use MAC bare study paint pot as a good base for my shadow but of course its a heck of a lot dearer!

    Just followed you on bloglovin. Love your reviews. :)


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