Sunday, 13 July 2014

crushing on nyx butter lipsticks!

i am crushing bad on these babies! now i know i can order them of cherry culture but the reason im put off is the import tax, since i can only order below 9 pound before im hit with a hefty tax debt and i want like 10 shades! and i cant be cunning and order 3 in each order either. its a bummer! 

my next option is to do a swap with someone in america for them but then theres the whole am i going to get conned and the panic, but if i do it this way i can ask them to say it was less than it was! it really is a comfuffle! 

then theres the option of me paypalling the money but i dont know anyone in the us (bar my cousin who lives in texas and i dout he will know what his picking up) so it will be like sending money to someone who i dont know, and again it will go through my head iif im going to get conned like it does with most things you buy from the us! 

the next option is to get a pen pal that you can send each other things but who would really want to do that with someone you dont really know 

its really not fair! the us has all the good things :( 

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  1. I have one of these lipsticks, and they're really good! Nyx is really good stuff! Send me a message or an email if you decide you want to do a swap.
    xoxo Lauren | Will Sing For Makeup


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