Friday, 25 July 2014

maybelline color tattoo - bad to the bronze ♥

So today, im reviewing another colour tattoo..  this is bad to the bronze or on and on bronze which is the uk name! the reason i have the us is i got mine of ebay as a set of 3 and they just happened to be the ones i wanted but it wasnt until i went to boots to see if there was a rose gold one and this was called on and on bronze lol,  

the formula of these are amazing! not to dry but not to creamy, i dont like the cream eyeshadows that are really wet - does that make sense? properly not but it just sets so quickly and i dont have to wait to go into powder eyeshadows i can go straight in with the powder shadows im using, blends like a dream - have you noticed i have a little crush on these! i dont get along with primers all that well so i just use these and there amazing! 

the colour is bronze and makes my blue eyes pop. it does have shimmer in it but unlike the gold one i have it doesnt end up with glitter all over my face, we all know i hate that!  over all i highly recommend this shade, and i cant think of a bad thing to say about it.. 


  1. I have this too, is it cheaper on Ebay? Got mine in Tesco for just under £5 and love the shade! I wear it on it's own and think it adds a little glamour to the day x

    1. i got aset of 3 for around 4pounds darl and ohhh i love them x


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