Friday, 25 March 2016

Etsy Spotlight: AJ6 Designs ♥

Hello Loves, 

Today im doing a spotlight on the store AJ6 DESIGNS  by 2 sisters Denise + Amanda! ive only ever spoken to Denise but from how the company is im getting the feeling amanda is just as lovely as denise.

disclaimer will be at the end of the post.

The companys logo is understated and pretty which i rather enjoy looking at.. it might look better if the rainbow was the whole background and the aj6 designs was in a pretty colour maybe snow white but thats just my opinion. 

i received the full february monthly kit which costs £11.09

which contains: 
6 weekend banners
6 skinny "washi" stickers 
3 big flags
24 small flags
10 dots
12 half boxes
10 to do flags
2 to do boxes
4 appointment boxes
8 small tear drops
6 small to do flags
4 small squares
10 headers
8 full boxes
4 patterned headers 
and an assortment of icons

the cut on the stickers are good for the paper since i know some people have problems with thin sticker paper. but thats a blessing since if you use them in your planner they won't bulk the planner up so quick.

plan time stickers: you get 18 of these stickers on a sheet. the colours are alot more vibrant than it looks on the picture. the cut is really good on these. the only problem i have is the flag is slightly of cut on them but they've cut them out instead of having a bunch of white space under it to make it easier!

nail polish stickers: you receive 42 of these on a sheet which isnt bad going but they look a little stretched since they put the word nails in side. which might look better if the bottle was standing on top of the word nails but that's my creative side showing. apart from that i like them, the cut is amazing on them no white border at all. there are an aray of colours to which is good for all different spreads.

heart checklist stickers: on a normal sheet of stickers you get 40+ there pastel colours which i enjoy, i like soft muted colours. these do have quite a big white border around them. 

february full box to do: you receive 8 boxes per sheet. these are cut nicely, love the colours.. just wish there was little arrows to points maybe? 

letter stickers: when you order a sheet you get more than this but lets face it im always receiving parcels/mail/post and im always emailing people too! i think they have changed these up because on the listing they have a colour circle around them but im not sure if thats how they come, im not going to lie, id prefer that! since at the moment these are cut into a circle but they have no reason to be

adult stickers: These are my FAVOURITE set of stickers i received. i love them! they are adulting stickers/ fancy canceled stickers i believe you have seen these in my planner already but they are amazing and i am going to repurchase a few more sets!

decorative boxes and headers set : i received the yellow and orange set which is pretty and would look lovely in spring/summer! there are a few different shades of orange which is good to me since it breaks up the yellow theres only so much yellow someones eyes can take. i think these are the best thing when you have stickers for a set but no boxes they have an array of colours and im sure if you contact them they will willingly change the shade to what you need. 

washing machines: there washing machines are pretty basic, every shop has them and how can you make your washing machines different when there a pretty bog standard thing? the colours are bright and i could add these to any spread i do which is helpful! the cut is amazing too!

valentines weekly kit: this is the only thing that throw me on this post as i was writing it, because as i look at it, it looks brighter on my screen than it does in person. the cut is fabulous but the colours look more out there on screen where in person there muted and scream cute and relaxing. they have decided to put this as the valentines kit but i think id they switched a few things up they can make it into a wedding theme.. the valentines banner into a wedding one. another owl instead of a lady bird and vails and they've got something pretty unique! same can be done for anniversaries too. The made their valentines kit so universal where other shops don't and that's why i haven't used this kit yet - hence me saving this post for march! keep your eyes peeled since i will be using this for something different in a few months!

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, i have not been paid for this post but i was supplied the stickers that are shown, The company knew what i was doing when i was sent them and this is just my opinion. 
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  1. From what I've seen that isn't their logo, everywhere I've seen their logo it's been a green 3 leaf clover

    1. they have since changed the logo, i received these in February but didn't have time to blog about them until recently, they are lovely stickers and i would highly recommend them now they have changed the things that i didnt like personally.


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