Monday, 1 September 2014

How To Be Confident While Being Plus Size

The thing with being insecure is that it speaks volumes, even just walking down the road - people can spot it and smell it a mile of! Dont get me wrong ive never been the kinda girl to stand there and say "im amazing and you know it" but when you think about it you should be. 

im asked alot how i got my confidence, and the truth is i still have them days where ill stand and think aghhh im disgusting - fat and ugly! deep down i know that im going to have them days and even skinny girls think bad about themselves. But when i have them days i revist and revise what i personally dont like about myself , its always something about my weight or clothes or hair or deep deep deep down sometimes its about my past. - we ALL have insecurities in us! i cant say i have tips and tricks! but this is a little guide. 

New clothes in your right size - The reason this is on my list is that i always feel more confident when im in new clothes specially when they fit perfectly - not to tight and not to loose - last month or so you will notice that im buying new clothes alot and not so much makeup and thats because i started to hate my wardrobe. 

hair and makeup - im not saying get up 3 hours before you have to leave to do this but figure out of your more you with your hair all pretty and makeup done. or do you feel better when your not wearing it? 

Break away from negative people - i know its hard when people put you down and are terrible towards you - ive been there. and these people can break your confidence completely. if friends always have shadey comments about your size and family who are intent on making nasty comments arent the people to surround yourself with. 

Look in the mirror - you can do this clothed or naked its really up to you! ive done it both! instead of looking for things you hate about yourself find things you love - for example - i love my eyes, i love my boobs. ect ect. if you feel sexy naked and confident clothes will be a piece of cake with a cherry on top! but also look for the please you want to hide - for example - i dislike my belly so ill wear something that covers it properly.

Take constructive criticism - remember not everyone is out to hurt you and not everyone is hating on you. if your wearing a dress and it looks aweful on you let people tell you! people who love you wont let you go leave in something that is unflattering. take what they say on board and roll with it. in the end they can help you reach a part where your happiest in yourself!

EITHER truely accept yourself how you are or change it! - There are the only options! if you can accept yourself how do you expect others to? remember that you can alway change who you are if you dont like it, noone wants to hear you complain all the time about how unhappy you are in your body. if you really dont like something on you change it or spend some time learning to love yourself even your flaws - barbie isnt real and perfect people dont exist. 

Find your own style - theres no good to come out of a changing room in the same outfit as a friend and think ohh it looks stunning on you and not me - we all have our own style its just a meaning of finding it - for example mine is girlie with a edge, i love my leather and i love my skater dresses i love my skinny jeans too but i always have a edge - my sisters is a floral bombshell. i like my hair dark with hooped earrings she prefers platinum blonde with studs. 

JUST BE YOU!! that is all anyone wants! you to be happy with yourself 

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