Friday, 26 September 2014

avon ultra colour mega impact lipstick - really rosy ♥

now we all know i love a good lipstick, this is one of 3 i happened to buy as a joblot - good news! i like them all - this is such a cool shape to it that i liked it as soon as i saw it, this is a rose shade, which is actually true to colour, with a hint of pink its a red i can rock! it being a bright shade it stains which i cant say i hate become i love a lippy that stains and i can drag out, ive used this with and without a lipliner and it doesnt do no difference so i often skip that stage, in the swatch below it looks so glittery but honestly when its on it doesnt look glittery in the slightest. defo a christmas colour! 

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