Friday, 12 September 2014

sinful colors nail polish - easy going ♥

after trying to decide for 15 minutes what colour i want i went with a shade called "easy going" which looks white in the picture above but its actually a really light baby pink. something that ive been looking for since april. the formula is amazing for the price and i started to wonder why i didnt pick up more than 1 when i placed my order online. simply because i didnt know if the shades are true to swatch bubble online. i can honestly say that this is what i expected to receive and im going to pick up a few more when theres a 3 for 2. who am i kidding? im picking up more than a few! the formula is easy to layer and doesn't chip all that easy. its not to streaky and  dries pretty quick.  you will hear no complaints from me! 


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