Wednesday, 10 September 2014

seventeen stay time concealer - extra fair ♥

When i first picked up this item i wasn't expecting much since i never really needed a concealer, all i use it for is to brighten up my eyes. well this has taught me that concealer is and always will be an important step in my routine now! i use this for under my eyes and around my nose and it is amazing not to thick but covers alot! i could use it for blemishes but i love another concealer for that one that i cant use under my eyes. this is creamy but long lasting. it doesn't dry to quickly so i have time to blend it properly before it sets. the colour of this is a little pale, not to pale i cant work with it but it would be perfect for someone more pale than me. it also only has 3/4shades and none of them are for darker skin tones. i may invest in the fair one which looked a little dark in the tube but maybe its lighter on the skin.

for £4.49 from boots i cant say i wont be buying this again but since this one theres a few more i want to try. 

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