Friday, 5 September 2014

the filofax blogging challenge ♥

Early july i was contacted by the lovely people at filofax (namely nick) and asked if i wanted to take part in that months blogger challenge. ofcourse when i was reading the invite i knew straight away that i needed to! i was sent a saffiano personal size filofax in raspberry - it was like he could read my mind because thats the one i wanted badly! 

the challenge was to decorate the filofax to your personal style. so what did i do? i took to youtube and watched a ton of tutorials and ideas on how to decorate it. but i had one problem. they was all far to busy and cluttered for my liking i wanted something simple but pretty, something that wont make my eyes hurt to look at. 

so this is what i did and what i sent over to them to put on facebook on the 4th aug.

its me perfectly! i love looking at it. and yes i also have cupcake paper clips - to much? never! 

you can like the picture and help me win here the winner is given 3 filofaxes to giveaway.

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