Monday, 22 September 2014

seventeen lip crayon ♥

after buying 2 items from seventeen i recieved this for free. honestly i can honestly say its a shade i would never pick up personally, its a orange shade and we all know i don't do orange shades. but its not to orange and i could get away with it if i wanted to wear it, the reason i take it off every time i wear it is become of the glitter! now you cant really see it in the swatch below but it seems like they decided as a afterthought to put chunks of glitter in it, which never looks cute,it also makes my lips feel grainy, the reason i haven't said the shade is because i cant find the name anywhere on the tube it may have been on the wrapper but i can't say for sure. i believe these have been re formulated or re packaged but i don't know for sure and i may be tempted to pick up another if there isnt a ton of glitter in it

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