Monday, 6 October 2014

rimmel moisture renew lipstick - fleur-tatious ♥

now autumn is here ive started going for the deep colours which i adore and i could properly wear them all year round, i always go bolder with my lips than i do with my eyes mostly because i wear glasses and also because i feel more confident with bolder lips. This lipstick is real vibrant after just once swipe and the furmula is the kind i love not being a massive of glitter and sparkle in autumn/winter i much prefer the creams and matte formulas, this is more of a cream without the glitter! this shade stains my lips giving it a lovely berry stain. the only issue i have is it bleeds but i brought a clear lip liner just so it doesnt bleed all that bad.

since this is the old packaging you can pick these up now in poundland or even really cheap online. i got mine from poundland along with another one. 

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