Monday, 13 October 2014

MUA matte lipsticks - fancy fawn & lilac belle ♥

ohh hello mua, its been along time no see hasn't it? 
i believe it was late july, early august when i last reviewed something from mua, but i have got a list of items i want from them. 

now back to business. first can we talk about the packaging? i love it! i honestly love how the normal lipsticks are in black and the mattes are in white! they look so cute all together (make up tour comming soon) the formula is a little drying but if you have lovely moisturised lips before putting these on its not a problem at least not for me, i found they last along time at least 6 hours. the lilac belle shade is beautiful in spring but you need to cancel out your natural lip colour specially if your lips are naturally pigmented. the fancy fawn is a real 90s shade im not going to say the kylie jenner trend since its not like that at all, this is more brown brown if that makes sense? but it does remind me of the 90s

over all i do like them and will reach for them as soon as spring comes around again. i do want to get the other matte shades to see the colour vibrancy and to see if there better in the winter! 


  1. Lovely colours :) Great post.

  2. I love these too, I agree they're a little sheer but in my experience the entire matte line from them is x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine


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