Friday, 24 October 2014

creightons squeeky clean "scrubaholic" face scrub ♥

While looking for a weekly face scrub i came across this in poundland and couldnt help but pick it up just down to the packaging. it was far to cute to leave on the shelve. its got a very soap and glory feel about it while only being a pound. while i only use this one a week and on the other days i use my beloved botanics cleansing toner. i honestly didnt know how i felt about this at first, it has a real fruity scent which doesnt bother me at all, its a cream scrub not a soap one so it doesnt foam which is what i personally prefer and like, the grain in the scrub isnt to rough and theres a good amount in the cream to feel a difference. 
for a pound a think i would pick it up again since i only use it once a week its not at all bad and i do feel a difference in my skin when i use it, it also hasnt broken me out at all. 

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