Wednesday, 22 October 2014

pure bb cream - light & ultra light ♥

i personally broght the shade light myself for £1.99 but it didnt match, it was far far far to dark for me and i ended up looking like a umpalumpa not a good look for me personally, i know some people go for that look and each to there own as they say but its just not for me so when they contacted me i mentioned that i brought it but the shade is terrible on my skin. and they sent me the ultra light out along with the cc cream. 

the packaging is like the garnier bb cream which i like the look of but the garnier bb cream is full and not just half full. it feels oily and i cant get along with it personally, ive tried blotting the oil out when its applied it just doesnt work! it makes my skin look terrible and the worst bit is it breaks me out every time i wear it? not a good thing for a blemish balm really is it?  the ultra light shade is a perfect match for me but i cant deal with the break outs.

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