Wednesday, 21 October 2015

ill be back soon..

Now on the last post i said i'll be back tomorrow and tomorrow didn't happen, the thing that is stopping me from coming back is that i feel like its a chore at the moment. im trying to juggle alot of things going on in my life and even though i love my blog and i love blogging its the only thing that could take a back seat since i need to take pictures, edit pictures, write blog posts etc, etc, at the moment im thinking youtube is the way to go since i can do what needs to be done while talking (rambling) to you all.. once i have a proper routine down then ill be back.. i have a lot of down time late at night since my other half works nights but by the time that comes the lights gone and im tired its a struggle. i have got things to blog about too which is the annoying part on the whole but ill be back to it when ive learnt to juggle the dramas (daily tasks) in my life. 

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