Sunday, 4 October 2015

Life Update ♥

Hello my loves, 

Its been a few weeks since my last post and im sorry for that, ive been meaning to come on here and explain what has been happening and where i am since im not around as much as i used to be and i regret that! i want to get back into blogging alot more but without that up and go im lost. So lets got on with the updates shall we?

ive moved, im no longer living at home with my mom which i guess is adding to the whole "no time to blog" but id do a whole post on this soon with some pictures? i seem to always be cleaning or other stuff. 

something else happened in my lovely little life which has made me so blessed and proud but i tell you so much of my life already that i dont want to scream this from the tree tops just yet i want to continue to enjoy and treasure the moments i have, i haven't made it public knowledge on anything! so if you feel im holding out or keeping secrets im not its just personal and its how i want to keep it at the moment.

ive got so much to blog about thats just pilling up that soon the room is going to be taken other, so i need to get my booty into action and soon so dont think ive just stopped dead in the mist of my blogging joy, because if i was ever thinking that i need a break or that i want to quit ill let you all know in advance!

im a fully qualified hairdresser! - incase you didnt know i was studying hairdressing and before i fell of the face of the earth i qualified! so now im set to do hair, makeup and nails :-) and while i was off
the earth i done a business level 2 course which i just finished!

im back into my reading! i fell out of love with books for a few months and then while unpacking all my books i found some i hadn't read yet and suddenly i was buying books again, and i was re-reading books that i adore from my collection. would you like a books ive read this month post at the end of the month? 

i think thats all the updates that i want to announce? ill be back tomorrow with my normal posts - i hope!
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