Monday, 7 September 2015

w7 skin fresh concealer ♥

Hey loves,

well, today i am back with another w7 product, i didnt realise how much i liked the brand until i tried this and was really disappointed. the packaging is perfect for what it is. its a squeeze tube so you apply on to the back of your hand then apply from there where you need it. it shoots out far to much product for example i only squeezed the tiniest bit and all that shot out at me. 

the colour is near perfect for me, a tad orange but i can deal and use it under my foundation but it doesnt seem to plend fully, even on my hand you can see that is not blended and short of rubbing it that much and looking my eyes in the process its a bust, ive tried many many times and i always seem to have to use something else instead which makes my face look like ive been on a 6week bender and have had to cover up with concealer.

P.S. you will notice below that my blog has changed slightly.. ive decided to go for something a bit more knowing to me. i sign near all my texts with Kisses, Tracey x so why not bring this to something i love? the pictures will also alter too with @kissestraceyx but for now since i already had the photos edited they are going to stay the same. i hope you dont mind! i love you all spread the love with #kissestracey :) 

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