Friday, 29 May 2015

revlon super lustrous lipstick - vava voilet ♥

hey loves,

surprise surprise, another lipstick is it really that much of a shock? this is a bit of a random lipstick to be reviewing this time of year but we are going to roll with it aren't we? revlon are my true love when it comes to lipsticks, there affordable, easy to get and have different finishes and a fast arrange of shades. and lets face it the packaging is to die for right? black and gold for the win!

the formula for this is a creme which means it has no shimmer or anything in which is fab for me, matte and cream finishes are for me and have been for ages now. Because of the shade and how deep it is this does stain (no kidding it took me 3days with lots of soap and scrubbing to get this of my hand fully) so the staying power is awesome when its gone it just looks like ive drank alot of grapejuice. I personally really like revlon as a brand on the whole but there lipsticks are something i couldnt quit the rest i could but the lipsticks! its just love. 

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